So… Wednesday night and a football widow….

….. but that’s good for me as I got time to send in my sewing/craft room – just what I needed after a busy day.

I love just escaping and doing what I love and also helps me immensely with my fibromyalgia. I am able to detach myself and concentrate and it seems to – for a while – help with the pain. More info an be found on my other blog 

So what have I completed this evening?  

I started  – on my last sports widows evening –  a bag. The design was in my head but wasn’t sure how it would turn out but I can say with confidence its perfect, well I think it is.

A gorgeous green base with contrasting striped strip running through the middle. In the same fabric a small pocket, mainly for decoration.

This will be added to the shop later this evening and I hope someone snaps it up. I love it and my hubby says I can’t have it….He says I have enough 🙁

Remember no two bags or any of my products are the same. 

Please look in the shop for more description and pictures

In addition to this gorgeous bag, I have added a set of bespoke “Thank you” cards to my products. 

I often wonder why the majority of us don’t send thank you cards or letters anymore? Or if we do, its normally a quick e mail or text message; but I think there is nothing more lovely than receiving something through the post from someone you have given a gift too, visited, had dinner with or stayed with. Thank you cards can be very versatile and used for quite a few occasions.

If you want to say Thank you” look no further – look at my homemade, unique, quirky cards…. all affordable and would be a lovely gesture to those you care about…

I think these “Thank you” cards are a blast from the past – very 70’s – Do you agree?

More items to follow but check out the store for these items and many more fantastic gifts, cards and don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – check out my handmade cards and also my fab jewellery for that special someone in your life

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