Welcome to Quirky Napkins and Gifts

This is my brand new, revamped website and I welcome you. 

I am a small business owner working from home in addition working for the NHS. I really hope my blog/site and products reflects my creative and fabulous life I have.

I love designing, sewing, organising and sharing my creations with others. I love to sing, cook, host dinner parties and am a real foodie - Take a look at my foodie blog - Minters Dining Around the world.
You can read more about me and why by clicking Here

My designs are unique to me, that's not saying there aren't any other items like mine out there, and I use my head a lot of the time to put difeerent colour schemes together.
I try to make things I haven't seen before or if I have seen them add a twist.

All of what I make can be made to order.However,  I do carry a small stock of items, but this has proved to be quite cluttering and also I have had a lot of customers who have asked for particular colours and items.

Anything I show on the website will be available to buy, but you can always request bespoke pieces, which has been the case just recently.

Please come in and take a look. Contact me if you wish to ask any questions and have something you would like me to try and design for you.

I use, mainly, semi precious stones and try very, very hard to source as locally as I can. None semi precious stones can be just as pretty and I take pride in not purchasing anything that I don't like and know others will feel the same.

Happy viewing and please share my website and products with your family and friends.

  1. Handmade Jewellery.... all can be made to order
    Handmade Jewellery.... all can be made to order
    My handmade Jewellery is very unique to me; no two items I have made are the same. Made from semi precious and none semi precious stones stones and designed to compliment both day and evening outfits. All the items I have sold or given as gifts have been very well received. I can make earrings, necklace, and bracelets. If you would like something made/commissioned then get in touch and we can chat... I am always open to new opportunities and challenges.
  2. Art Work
    Art Work
    Absolutely gorgeous 3D filled boxed pictures. Various sizes and various sentiments. Handmade and very affordable and ideal for a Christening, Birthday, Wedding or a gift for a friend. Some in stock but all made to order. In addition to these fab gifts, word art pictures are available and again all made to order. Will display some on the products page.
  3. Wine Glass Charms
    Wine Glass Charms
    I have added handmade wine glass charms to my repertoire. In the past I have had lots of these and they are very very useful. I have made these gorgeous wine glass charms from semi and non semi precious stones and silver plated drops. All can be made to order and various designs can be made available.
  4. Bottle Bags
    Bottle Bags
    How many times have you bought wine for a gift and forgot to buy something to put it in? Or taking wine to a dinner party and wondering what to carry it in? We do quite a lot and it becomes quite frustrating. I also find “bottle bags” boring and much of a muchness, my opinion only, so here is my take on a fabric bottle bag. All bags made to order and can be made in any colour combination of fabric. Seasonal fabric available or can be ordered in....
  5. Greeting Cards
    Greeting Cards
    Greeting Cards come in all shapes, sizes and designs. All made to order with a proof picture sent straight to your e mail. If the card isn't suitable no obligation to buy. Competitive prices and all made by hand, hand die cutting and embossing.
  6. Tableware
    My tableware comprises mainly of napkins. However, I can make fabric place mats and napkins to match or as a contrasting item. All made to order. Various colours available... Seasonal fabric available, all napkins are a set of 6. More can be ordered, just ping me an e mail and we can take it from there.
  7. Bags
    All bags can be made to order. However, there are few already made up. Please contact me to see what is available. These bags are my take on bags such as beach bags, evening bags, day bags etc. Colour schemes available. Fabric is what is available at the time but fabric can be purchased on request. Please contact me if you have any questions or any ideas you have for a bag...
  8. Seasonal
    I love to make seasonal goods, so watch out and keep an eye on my site and blog to see what is new.
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