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Good evening! I hope you are all well and have a good week so far.

My week, at the day job, finished yesterday so am now on holiday until 4th June and I love it……So this means, more relaxing time in my little room and creating new products and adding to what I have.

Also here in the UK is half term so it means I can spend some quality time with my youngest son.It wont be much as he is a teenager, but quality over days.

Last weekend I was able to sit in the sun and make my latest addition Рgorgeous 3D boxed pictures.

So far I have added four to the shop. Two that are 7.5c

m x 7.5cm and two 15cm x 15cm.  I think they are gorgeous but I am biassed. All hand-made and colour coordinated and ideal for any occasion.

Orders can be taken and if you

have an idea of what you want then by all means message/call

me and we can talk..

I have a party booked for next week – so don’t forget if you live within 10 – 15 miles of Whitstable, take a look at this..

Well for us here in the UK we have another B/H weekend and the weather is set to be good – this means more garden and designing time.

I hope the rest of your week is good and not to stressful, remember I love to hear from you so send me messages and your ideas..

Bye for now until the next time.

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