My name is Fiona

I am married to Ian and
together we are Mum and Dad,to three boys age 26, 20 and 13 (Jan 2018).We are extremely proud of all them.

Hubby and me


We live in Kent in the

beautiful fishing town of Whitstable. We have a sea view and are lucky
enough to have a working harbour a superb fish market and eateries of many


We are 7 miles from the City of Canterbury, which boasts a fantastic Cathedral, fabulous restaurants, a vibrant student culture, and an amazing shopping centre.We love to spend time together as a family, but love time with extended family and friends. Every day is a new day and should be lived to the full…If you want to read all about the story of my story, otherwise you can jump straight to my blog. 

It is so great that you are here to support me. There are lots of fab ideas and loads of inspiration for your own projects on my blog; and if you are wondering why…

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Napkins (Carry on reading to find out more),  I have a big passion with creating and giving homemade gifts and because of this that’s how the name of my blog was conceived!

 If you are interested in what I produce, then please  take a look at my shop and what I have to offer – I am sure you won’t be disappointed

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Whitstable - taken by me around 2009
Whitstable - taken by me around 2009
Whitstable - taken by me around 2009