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I am a small business owner working from home in addition to working for the NHS. 

I really hope my blog/site and products reflects my creative and fabulous life I have.


I love designing, sewing, organising and sharing my creations with others. I love to sing, cook, host dinner parties and am a real foodie - Take a look at my foodie blog - Minters Dining Around the world.

You can read more about me and why by clicking Here


My designs are unique to me.  

I am not saying there aren't any other items like mine out there, of course there is but I use my head and try to design and make them the items I design and make slightly different. This could be the colour, design to put different colour schemes together.

I try to make things I haven't seen before or if I have seen them add a twist.


All of what I make can be made to order. However,  I do carry a small stock of items, but this has proved to be quite cluttering and also I have had a lot of customers who have asked for particular colours and items.


Anything I show on the website will be available to buy, but you can always request bespoke pieces, which has been the case just recently.


Please come in and take a look. Contact me if you wish to ask any questions and have something you would like me to try and design for you.


I use, mainly, semi-precious stones and try very, very hard to source as locally as I can. None semi-precious stones can be just as pretty and I take pride in not purchasing anything that I don't like and know others will feel the same.

This is my brand new, revamped website and I welcome you.