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Thr jewellery I make is unique to me  I design and think out designs for myself. If I have been asked to do something similar that a customer has seen I will always try and add my own twist.   I do not follow a pettern, I use my head and think about colour schemes and designs and try to think what people like and have said they like.
I have been asked to make a couple of items with particular colour schemes and they have been very well received.
My showcase will show what I have done and some of these items are still availabe, but similar designs can be made to order. I try to be unique - hence Quirky Napkins and Gifts.
It maybe that you would like a piece for your wedding, a gift for a loved one. You may just want a gift for yourself.
Please talk to me and see what I can do. 
I love designing and having a challenge and love making people happy.
​All order requests will be provided with a quote and a list of the semi precious stones used. This way you know why the price is what it is and also please rememeber these items are all handmade by myself - so this is also reflected in the price

Happy  looking and shopping....