My name is Fiona. I am married to Ian and together we are Mum and Dad, to three boys. 

We live in Kent in the beautiful fishing town of Whitstable. 

We have a sea view and are lucky enough to have a working harbour a superb fish market and eateries of many flavours…

​We are 7 miles from the City of Canterbury, which boasts a fantastic Cathedral, fabulous restaurants, a vibrant student culture, and an amazing shopping centre.

We love to spend time together as a family, but love time with extended family and friends. Every day is a new day and should be lived to the full...

I worked as a registered nurse for 22 years, a role I loved, but had to transfer to an admin role due to on-going back problems resulting in surgery.

From there my health took a downward turn. Following a year of unexplained pain, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was permanently in pain in various parts of my body, constantly exhausted and had to have a lot of time off work.

Being a mum to my boys was and is the most important thing in my life and being at work every day was making my condition worse and I was spending less time with my family and more time in bed.

Something needed to change and I needed to do something for myself. 

My small business has allowed me to reduce my hours at the day job which enables me to spend time on my passion.
Also – more importantly – to be there for my youngest son and am able to fit in appointments, school runs and parents evenings.
We spend more time as a family and although not cured or pain free, life seems to be on an even keel again. From Napkins to gifts – as my re found love for sewing and designing is rekindled.

I am very conscious that we need to be aware of our planet and I do try to make items that will make a difference in some small way. These will become apparent when you visit the store.

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