Me and Why?
My name is Fiona. I am married to Ian and together we are Mum and Dad, to three boys, with only one living at home…

We live in Kent in the beautiful fishing town of Whitstable. We have a sea view and are lucky enough to have a working harbour a superb fish market and eateries of many flavours…

We are 7 miles from the City of Canterbury, which boasts a fantastic Cathedral, fabulous restaurants, a vibrant student culture, and an amazing shopping centre.

We love to spend time together as a family, but love time with extended family and friends. Every day is a new day and should be lived to the full…

I worked as a registered nurse for 22 years, a role I loved, but had to transfer to an admin role due to on-going back problems resulting in surgery.

From there my health took a downward turn. Following a year of unexplained pain, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was permanently in pain in various parts of my body, constantly exhausted and had to have a lot of time off work. Being a mum to my boys was and is the most important thing in my life and being at work everyday was making my condition worse and I was spending less time with my family and more time in bed.

Something needed to change and I needed to do something for myself. 

My small business has allowed me to reduce my hours at the day job which enables me to spend time on my passion.
Also – more importantly – to be there for my youngest son and am able to fit in appointments, school runs and parents evenings.

We spend,more time as a family and although not cured or pain free, life seems to be on an even keel again. From Napkins to gifts – as my re found love for sewing is rekindled.

I really hope you like my projects and share with all your family and friends.