• Fiona

A Little Taste of Summer

Stop by and checkout my new collection. Inspired by the summer, sea and sand.

When I walk outside to the garden, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I look and see the sky blazing blue and the sun is a jamboree of yellows, yellows of all shades and he is free, bright and stunning.

From my garden my reminiscence of beach holidays to the East Coast of Yorkshire, where the sand was golden, amber, brown and orange all at once and sitting and watching the sea rise and fall towards the beach.

The colours and shades of blues and greens intermingling as the sea slides like flowing paint towards me. As the water moves delicately through my fingers embracing every part of my hand. As I remove my hand from the sea, I watch the drops trickle down my fingers, moving like beautiful crystal stones in different directions. I lift my hand to watch the drops form, by gravity, at my nails and it reminds me of earrings of beautiful blues hanging delicately. I can close my eyes and see the colours of the meadows and fields around where I live, and I imagine pretty delicate necklaces like daisy chains forming in my mind…

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