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...hope you are all well and have been having some good days and feel like your life is getting back to normal?

Today I have been doing what I love and working in my garden.

We have an amazing view, no noise, apart from the chirping of the birds, and the loud squawk of the seagulls.

I try to take inspiration from my garden, when working out there, and I try to look at the different colours around me. Even though we do have flowers in our garden, what struck me today was was more visible than anything. The different shades of green around me. The dark and light, tall lush, pale coarse, rich, succulent, bright green, dead and wilted.

As I have suggested on my product page, green is the colour of life, of energy and Mother Nature. Freshness, safety and with one accord. Green can be as fresh as a flower, or can symbolise danger such as anger and jealousy. Gemstones of this colour denote the colour of nature and life. Green stones can represent synchronisation. Green can soothe your heart chakra and create calm to your relationships and life..

With this new set I have tried to pick up the colours of the grass surrounding me and I have tried to demonstrate the different textures that the grass depicts.

Take a look at this collection, I love it. Ideal for yourself or a gift.

Whilst you are browsing take a look at my Shades of Purple and Pretty in Pink pages as I have added another simple bracelet to each. Again, inspired from my garden and the pretty pink petals on my begonias and the shades of purple from my sweet rocket, Verbena, Buddleia and Lavender.

Have a great day... go into your gardens, local parks and walkways and get some inspiration from what you see and maybe you could start a project that you didn't know was inside you.

Fiona x

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