Amethyst Agate and Hematite Puff Heart - Mermaid Pink Necklace and Earring set

SKU: JEW_Shades_005



I had never seen these Hematite Puff Hearts until I ordered them. They are stunning and glisten a variety of colours, but mainly purples, so a fantastic accompaniment to the Amethyst Nuggets and the Black & Fuchsia Fire Agate Facets which are coordinated with Lapis blue, Hematite discs, Amethyst chips and Czech Fire Polished Crystal - smoky grey. All mounted onto tiger wire finished with a silver-plated heart toggle clasp.

The earrings comprise of an Amethyst Nugget, Hematite discs and Hematite Puff Hearts.

Another stunning addition to your jewellery selection and wardrobe.


Fired agate beads sometimes have a crackled finish. The crackly appearance is created by applying heat, hence the name "fired."

Fire Agate can help to demonstrate Godly guidance through action and assists when taking conclusive actions in ambiguous circumstances. It can increase emotions, desire and reconnection to our deepest desires. Fired agate is believed to be a gemstone of expression and creativity. Also is considered to protect the family and home.


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