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Every lady (and some men) like a bag. I certainly do and I love unusual bags.

I am not the run of the mill type of woman who would just out go and buy or ask for a gift of a black bag. My black bag would probably one with a little extra colour, maybe a red spot or two.. There are a lot of fab unusual bags out in the market place and I just want to add mine and make them available


I started to make bags for myself, which started very simply indeed. I wanted to be colour coordinated and always thought a personally made bag would be a talking point...The first bag I ever made was a bag to take my lunch in to my day job. From there and on in I had lots of comments and positive feedback, it was amazing and there we have it, my passion for bag making commenced.


I have a small selection of bags in stock, but will always make to order.

I absolutely love the large reversible beach style bag, very versatile and colourful. There will be no mistaking on the beach or by the side of the pool which is your bag. I have made evening bags, day bags and shopping tote bags.


I have orders for bespoke bags out of chosen fabric. These include a soft knitting bag, and a bag made from owl fabric with pockets and it was also reversible. I had a customer who asked for a plain tote bag, she then wanted an old top cut out and put on the front, as it was a tiger, and she loved tigers.


I try to make all my products affordable. However they are all homemade by myself on my own sewing machine. therefore this is reflected in the price.

I try to keep P&P to a minimum, so I do encourage local customers to collect their items.

​Happy looking and hope you like what you see and can share with your family and friends

Day Bags

Day Bag Size

Returns Policy

If your bag need repairing in the first 12 months then this will be done free of charge - You the customer will pay the P&P.

After 12 months there will be a small charge for a repair.