Christmas Baubles

Christmas Baubles

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Let's admit it, Christmas is all about customs, habits, rituals and practices. However, how we decorate our trees are personal.  But, why do we decorate our tree with baubles and other ornaments?

Just in case you didn’t know, Baubles were fashioned with a more figurative meaning behind them.  This also stems from Roman custom to hang fruit on the tree, then over time, the custom changed, where once fruits were used this changed into baubles and became a popular practice in the 1800s when an

inventor, Hans Greiner, fashioned glass ornaments in the form of fruits.

Christmas baubles – I love them. I love to peruse the shops and see what is out there. I love the sparkly ones, ones that radiate light through them and glisten with the lights on the tree.

Here, we have my take on glass baubles. Filled baubles that look stunning on any tree.


All my baubles will be packed securely to try and stop breakages. This will make the parcel heavier so reflected in P&P. I will keep the prices as low as I can.

All the baubles are glass with the following filling:


  1. Red Christmas Ribbon and artificial snow.
  2. Silver coloured stars on a silver coloured strand.
  3. Foil trees, Father Christmas's, trees, Happy Christmas and snowflakes.
  4. Die-cut snowflakes and a reindeer.
  5. Blue twisted wire, reindeer and artificial snow.
  6. Various Christmas shapes.
  7. Artificial snow-laden tree branches, snowflakes and artificial snow. 
  8. Stars, snowflakes and artificial snow.
  9. Snowman.


The snowman (9) can be made to order and can be personalised with a name and year if you so desire.

Just let me know if you would like for a girl or boy and leave the rest to me.






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