Christmas Wine Glass Charms

Christmas Wine Glass Charms

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These stunning wine glass charms are perfect for any occasion. I am sure whoever you give a set to they will be loved and well used.

These are themed for Christmas. If you prefer non-Christmassy ones take a look at Table accessories

There are gold-coloured enamel charms,  mounted on a gold plated hoop and Tibetan Silver charms mounted on to silver plated hoops.

The stones used for enhancement are glass faceted beads and spacers.

They will look amazing on the glasses on the  Christmas dinner table, or, if circumstances change, for a Christmas Eve gathering.

I have been given lots of these in the past and they are very useful and quirky.

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Chose from the following:

  1. Enamel charms - Reindeer, Red MItten, Father Christmas, Bells, Snowman and Green Christmas Tree.
  2. Enamel Charms - White Reindeer, Green Mitten, Moon Santa, Snowman, Red Boot and Small Gren Christmas Tree.
  3. Enamel Charms - Snowman, Red Mitten, Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Father Christmas and White Reindeer.
  4. Enamel Charms - Door Wreath, Red Father Christmas, Snowman, Small Green Tree, Reindeer Head, Father Christmas Head.
  5. Tibetan Silver Charms - Reindeer Head, Snowflake, Waving Santa, Santa in Sleigh, Santa Head and Old Fashioned Santa Head.
  6. Tibetan Silver Charms - Snowman, Christmas Tree, Father Christmas, Snow Flake, Candy Cane and Prancing Reindeer.
  7. Tibetan Silver Charms  - Snowman, Double Star, Snowflake, Dancing Santa, Bells and Christmas Tree.
  8. Tibetan Silver Charms - Snowman on Joy, Santa's Sleigh, Holly, Tree, Ice skate and Snowflake.
  9. Tibetan Silver Charms - Star, Santa with a Bell, Bells, Snowflake, Tree and Gingerbread Man.
  10. Enamel charms - Santa Face, Reindeer Head, Snowman, Candy Cane, Stocking and small Green Christmas Tree.
  11. Enamel charms  - Bell, Candy Cane, Half Moon Santa, Santa with Sack, Rocking Horse and Door Wreath.
  12. Enamel charms - Santa Head, Ponsetta, Bells, Snowman, Noel and White Christmas Tree.
  13. Enamel charms - Santa in his sleigh,  Red Stocking, Present, Santa Head, Red Mitten and Bell.



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