Fabric Bottle Bags - Let's save the planet together

Fabric Bottle Bags - Let's save the planet together


How many times have you bought wine for a gift and forgot to buy something to put it in?   Or taking wine to a dinner party and wondering what to carry it in?  We do quite a lot and it becomes quite frustrating.

I find paper/card “bottle bags” boring and much of a muchness, and in this day and age we should all be striving to save the planet, and this is an ideal opportunity to do so, lets cut down on waste...

With this in mind here is my homemade Quirky, Unique, Fabric bottle bag.
I have made these bags for various customers, family and friends. They can be made in any colour combination and also perfect for Christmas, Easter, Birthday or any celebration. The poppy bag shown was made in honour of Remembrance Day (2019) and I donated a percentage of proceeds from sales to the Royal British Legion.

All bags are able to fit white or red wine, Prosecco, Champagne and can also be made for a Magnum BottleAll are affordable and vary little in price and an ideal match for that bottle of wine you are giving as a gift.


They look very impressive and at any time, but look amazing under the tree at Christmas and have certainly created a talking point here.

I tell my friends, when I give it to them with a bottle, that they can keep it or pass it on when giving wine as a gift. Very Eco friendly and can be used time and time again.

If you are interested in purchasing in bulk please contact me and we can discuss quantities and discounts...

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