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I absolutely love, love, love napkins, did I say absolutely love them, all shapes, sizes and fabric…. Napkins can be an art of their own class. For me they can resemble whatever I have in mind as the host and are absolutely the perfect final touch to make every table look magnificent.

I began to make napkins as gifts for family and then friends and they were so well received, I decided to make them so anyone, any of you could have homemade napkins and I now know that I have a true love for my small project, because I will get up early to cut, pin and sew and then take pictures to add to my pages.

I will come home from the day job and do the same and perhaps only emerging from my little sewing room for dinner and to work on the business in other ways…

Napkins have been used for over six hundred years and the process of napkins has evolved and the use of napkins is taken for granted is –

I quote:

“a tradition rich in ceremony, etiquette and history.”

Therefore, whether you are having a dinner party, garden party or a birthday party I believe my napkins will make your table stand out from others.

All my tableware is made to order. I have a selection of fabrics and all you need let me know is how many and what colour scheme you would like.

Napkins are in sets of 6 - but of course you can have more if you require. At present all napkins are patterned and colour coordinated. However, if you require plain napkins, please contact me and we can discuss options.

Again, I believe they are all affordable and what a wonderful gift to give to someone. This could be a wedding gift, engagement or maybe a thank you for dinner gift.​


In this day and age we should be reverting to Napkins rather than serviettes - paper serviettes can be thrown away, yes may biodegradable, but fabric napkins for me are the way to go.


Do not keep washing them if the particles adhered to the cloth can be cleaned by mere brushing of the cloth. As such, most of the people do not soil the napkins every now and then.

When there are too many people in the family, maintain a napkin ring for every person so that he or she can identify their napkin between meals.

When washing them use a cool wash, preferably use Eco-friendly detergents.

Always wash the linen with cold water and use only after it is completely dry.

Line dry where possible as the tumble drying make shrink the item a little.

Homemade Dinner Napkins - let's save the planet