Lavender and Rice Heat Pads

Lavender and Rice Heat Pads

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The principal characteristic of heat pads and heat therapy is its capability to surge blood flow to the areas that are painful.
Heat will open up blood vessels, this in turn allows for blood and oxygen to flow more instantly to the painful parts.
Heat pads can tend to lessen your spasms in the muscles, helping ligaments and muscles to ease.

Some GP’s mention using heat pads for the aid from menstrual cramps or urinary tract infections.

Our Rice and Lavender heat bags are specially designed to warm many different body parts to provide some comfort and pain relief.
Our bags are made out of various fabrics and are approximately 15" x 5".

Bags are made to be warmed in the microwave. Each microwave is different and so is the size of the heat bag. I start with warming for about 1.5 minutes and increase or lower time to your own preference.

From experience, I would not warm for more than 3 minutes. This will sometimes – PLEASE NOTE - make the heat bag too hot to handle and also could cause burning.


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