Rhodonite flat disc pendant necklace

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From the beginning of time, people have been captivated to the fascination of attractive precious stones. The attracting effect of jewellery and precious stones is contagious. When you wear jewellery, it makes you feel good, you ooze allure and immediately draw others closer to you.

This stunning Rhodonite piece is incorporated with rose quartz, pearl, black jade, golden jade, dalmatian jasper, faceted glass, seed beads and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. It is approximately 45cm in length.


What does this piece say about you?  


For me it helps me feel strong when I have to go into a situation, I may not be comfortable with. The necklace is a statement piece and will draw people towards you.    Individualism is an accepted human craving. Therefore, satisfy your hunger by wearing pieces of jewellery that allow you to express how you feel and your mood.


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