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I started to make bags for myself, which started very simply  indeed.  I wanted to be colour coordinated and always thought a personally made bag would be a talking point...

The first bag I ever made was a bag to take my lunch in to my day job. From there and on in I had lots of comments and positive feedback, it was amazing and there we have it,  my passion for bag making commenced.


I have a small selection of bags in stock, but will always make to order. 

Last Christmas bags were popular and there are a few of my bags out there.

I have orders for bespoke bags out of chosen fabric. These include a couple of soft knitting/Sewing bags, which are shown here.


All these will be made to order. Pick the colour scheme and leave the rest to me. If you have a preference, for e.g. you don't like spots or prefer stripes or flowers, want a plain lining then let me know in the space provided.

If you wish to talk to me then please contact me. I want to make you what you want not what I think you want.

Sewing/Knitting bags


Returns Policy

If your bag need repairing in the first 12 months then this will be done free of charge - You the customer will pay the P&P.

After 12 months there will be a small charge for a repair.