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I am sure whoever you give any of these sets to they will be loved and well used.

They come in sets of six, but if more are required then by all means contact me and we can discuss numbers.

They are handmade with either semi-precious and non-semi-precious stones and  silver plated charms.

In the past I personally have had lots of these as gifts and they are very, very useful.

The prices vary depending on which element is used.

I try to make my prices affordable and also there is nothing like a gorgeous handmade gift, whether you are being kind to your guests with them as a beautiful addition to your table.

They are perfect for that wine lover in your life, or a gift for Christmas, birthday, treating a friend or just something for yourself..

They are all very nice and all will make the perfect gift or treat.



Wine Glass Charms


Returns Policy

Any problems with breakages/snapping free repairs are offered for 60 days. If they cannot be repaired a repalcement will be sent.