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My Home decorations (Décor) is all about making space attractive and functional. A resourceful home that has all the facilities and gives a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, is known as the best home decor.

Quirky Napkins and Gifts is a store that offers customers a collection of quality products at unbeatable prices. I've  worked hard designing my store and finding a small amount of products you my customers like. 

My growing, loyal community of clients knows that  I will always do my very best to find what they’re looking for. Visit us online today and join my growing family of happy customers!

There is so much more in store

Handcrafted table accessories all made from quality fabric. Discover my dinner napkins, place mats, runners, coordinated fabric napkin rings which helps to present these quirky but stunning napkins in perfect style.

Take a look at my silver-plated wine glass charms. All different from using semi-precious stones to silver plated charms.


All of my table accessories are made to order.

My customers know they can depend on my friendly and knowledgeable demeanour. I am always available to help. Visit our store online and shop with me today!

Natural Cosmetics

Self Help and Wellbeing

Try Self Help and Wellbeing you will like it!

Self-care/Self Help in the most easy and unsophisticated definition includes behaviours, accomplishments, and abilities applied to take care of ourselves. Inside all of us there are lots of different bodily, emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects. Each of these elements inside a person entails care, attention, and deliberate activities to improve general health and well-being.

Well-Being is a comprehensive explanation to evaluate our happiness, health, and stability. If you try to see a circle and inside the circle are slices and each one of those slices signifies one aspect of our well-being. The health of each slice impacts and adds to overall well-being.

Variety of Bags


A different kind of company, a different kind of bag

I started to make bags for myself, which started very simply indeed. I wanted to be colour coordinated and always thought a personally made bag would be a talking point...

The first bag I ever made was a bag to take my lunch in to my day job. From there and on in I had lots of comments and positive feedback, it was amazing and there we have it, my passion for bag making commenced

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